The story of Lets Move App

“Game changers!!! Chris and his team have helped us so much with our business. Everything from initial concept, through to design and delivery has been spot on. Professional and personalised advice and help. These guys really care, they want you to succeed!! ” 

– Will & Emily – Lets Move App

Will & Emily used the following services to grow their business with us.

Case Study:
How Let's Move App Transformed User Experience and Accelerated Growth

Client Profile:
Company Name: Let’s Move App
Industry: Fitness and Health
Joined: 2022 

In 2022, Will and Emily from Let’s Move App collaborated us to launch a website that would complement their popular fitness app, Let’s Move. We were impressed with their expertise and dedication to helping businesses grow, and we knew they were the perfect partner to take our venture to the next level. Bluewing Digital has been by our side from the early stages, providing exceptional support and services as we continue to evolve and expand.


Seamless User Experience: We wanted to provide our app users with a seamless experience from browsing our website to using our fitness app.

Website Upgrade: As our user base grew rapidly within a few months, we realised the need to upgrade our website to an e-commerce platform to better serve our clients.

Bluewing Digital Solution:

Bluewing Digital presented us with a comprehensive solution to address our unique challenges and propel our business forward.

  • Website Development and Integration: Bluewing Digital worked closely with us to develop a website that seamlessly integrated with our Let’s Move app. They ensured that the user experience flowed seamlessly from the website to the app, providing a consistent and user-friendly journey for our clients.

  • E-commerce Upgrade: Understanding our growing business needs, Bluewing Digital facilitated a smooth transition to an e-commerce platform. They implemented features that streamlined the customer experience, making it easier for clients to access our offerings and continue their fitness journey.

Results and Benefits:

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Scalable E-commerce Solution
  • Ongoing Support and Graphic Design

Customer Satisfaction:

Emily and I cannot praise Bluewing Digital enough for their unwavering support and expertise. They have made every step of our journey seamless and easy, always available to update our website or answer any questions we have. Their commitment to our success is evident, and we are delighted with the results. The upgraded website has significantly improved the experience for our clients, and we are excited to continue growing our business alongside Bluewing Digital.

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